Pedal to the metal

I’m not too chatty this week because I’m under a tight deadline. I have 50 purses to make for the ALA bookfair – which will totally knock fair goers on their lower forties. See, at bookfairs, it’s all about the bags…and, oh yes, the books! But the cooler the bags, the bigger the crowd. I kid you not. In all the years we’ve done the BEA, we’ve seen people stop us and point to our bag, “hey, what booth has that bag?” Of course, they’ll race over and discover that the booth has run out. And their lives will never be complete.

I say that from experience. We’ve come home and five months later wonder why we HAD to have that bag – yes, the one in the corner gathering dust and still has the hot dog wrapper and empty coke can inside. I can’t say that about all bags. Some we still use because they’re amazing and carry a ton of stuff.

Now the bags I’m doing for the ALA (American Library Association) doesn’t hold a lot. But it is freaking adorable and unique. And freaking adorable and unique is what drives the public mad. What’s driving me mad is making them. Yes, I’m making them. And in truth, I’m not going crazy because I really enjoy doing it. Artsy fartsy stuff is a stress buster for me. Besides the bags – purses – are turning out so cute.

See how cute it is?

The problem is that I have to get them boxed up and sent to our distributor by Wednesday, latest – and I still have 25 purses that are halfway done. It’s no big deal, really because they go together really fast since I refined the pattern.

I can do this.

But what makes my gas foot quiver over the gas pedal is that I’m in the various stages of editing three manuscripts, and they have to be done asap because we’re going to be gone most of May. The first part is taken up going to NY to meet with our sales teams (and to have a family vacation).

We come home long enough to change our Vickie Secrets before we blast out the door to go to Daughter’s college graduation in San Francisco – a seven hour drive. From there, Sweetcheeks and I don’t even go home. Rather we embark on a week-long trip with my fabo Mom and Dad up to the wine country. We race home, and two days later I trade this piece of shit hip that God, Mom and Dad gave me for a new bionic hip that will make me jump higher, run faster (hell, run at all), and change the face of the planet as we know it.

That puts my two weeks of recovery into June…and two of those manuscripts that I’m editing have to be somehow formatted and turned into ARCs, and sent out to reviewers and media, along with tip sheets and cover letters (still unwritten).

I can do this.

But wait, there’s more. I’m doing a two-week online class with a local division of the RWA – in June.

I can do this.

I seem to be saying that a lot these days. I figure I have little choice in the matter. I can either tear my hair out and run screeching into the street, “WhathtehellwasIthining?” or I can embrace the insanity that is publishing and go with the flow. I’m going to try the go with the flow idea first, keeping in mind that freaking out is a distinct possibility.

Do you ever find yourself in over your head and wonder a) how the heck you got there? and b) how you plan on handling the stress?

As for me, I plan on utilizing the beagle’s margaritas talents until July. Note to self: buy a couple more blenders…

I can do this.

17 Responses to Pedal to the metal

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    Eh. My sources of stress don’t tend to come from being rushrushrush, but from other people. Generally not people in publishing. So…not really been there. Yet.

  2. PJC says:

    I Neeeeeeeed one of the purses! And, I’d be willing to join in the assembly line to make one – or more to help you out!! Seriously, I live nearby and I neeeeeeeeeeed the purse!! Terrific and ab-fab!!!!

  3. LOL, PJC, why do you need one? Gah, what am I saying? Of course you need one. They’re fabulous. What’s cooler, is I make large purses, too.

  4. Lauren says:

    Wowee! Good luck with all that!

  5. Digital Dame says:

    Well, yanno what they say: If you really need to get something done, give it to the busiest person you know. 😉 Good luck with all that. That 7-hr drive ought to be mind-numbing enough for you to want to get back into the fray. And congrats on your daughter’s graduation!

  6. Julie Rowe says:

    Lynn, I’d say it’s time to call in the cavalry.

    Have the beagle warm up the blenders and invite a couple or five of your friends to get those purses made.

    A margarita purse party sounds like fun!

  7. Hey, Julie, I think you’re on to something! Hate to think what the purses would look like – in which case, wouldn’t make Kim Michele Richardson very happy, since it’s her book…

  8. kimkircher says:

    How many times have I told myself “You can do this”? It’s become a mantra lately. Hope it works for you. Either that or yes, I recommend another blender. Or two.

  9. Louise Curtis says:

    Fingers are crossing for you all the way from Australia.

    I’m having a pretty nuts weekend – and dealing with it via the medium of chocolate.

    Louise Curtis

  10. Chocolate. Damn! Why didn’t I think of that?? Hang in there.

  11. OMG, these bags are awesome!

    So now…if I send you my book cover, can you make me one? How much do I need to bribe you? Coffee, chocolate, Canadian maple syrup? My first born?

  12. Oh, yes, I forgot…margaritas???

  13. As a matter of fact, I could easily make you a purse. If you want a large one – that actually holds a ton of stuff, it’ll cost $60. The small one is $45. No first borns, pleeeze…I got my own!

  14. Lev Raphael says:

    Lynn–were you going to give them a red Christian Laboutin bottom? 🙂

  15. Now THAT’S an idea!

  16. Peter McGrath says:

    Best of luck with the op. Lynn with new improved bionicness?. Oh lordy, watch out world.

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