Yes, there is something afoot with the beagle

Never turn your back on me.

I still can’t put my finger on it, but she’s got something up her flea collar. I can smell trouble from a mile away – and she reeks. Or is that the dead mouse she simply had to roll in yesterday? But whatever, I’m concerned about turning my back on her for a single minute. Last time I did that, she ate half my sandwich.

I’m also worried because I found a voodoo doll in my likeness (complete with bloody red editing pen) in her box of toys. This explains my bad hip. And there’s this strange gaggle of laughter she emits when she thinks I’m not looking.

And if that’s not enough, she has stolen all my glue, fabric, cardboard, and printer. Is she planning on building a shopping mall? A barbeque pit?

What the h-e-double hockey sticks is she up to? This can’t be Spring Fever…

6 Responses to Yes, there is something afoot with the beagle

  1. Marisa Birns says:

    Have a Jack Russell terrier and also noticed similar odd behavior. I believe a canine call to arms went out and, of course, we can’t hear THAT decibel.

    Caution is needed.

  2. Peter McGrath says:

    Dead mouse? That all? I’m not getting ead vertebrate snobbery here but my Collie recently found a whole dead sheep in a very advanced state of decay. A sailor just ashore never went into a happy hour bar with more gusto. The smell….

  3. Becky Mushko says:

    As one who has owned beagles, I can testify that hell hath no fury like a determined beagle.

  4. NinjaFingers says:

    Maybe the Rottweiler spurned her.

  5. Oh, Skippy, I think the beagle would freak at seeing something that large. She’s only as bold as her leash allows her to be.

    Becky, I totally get that determined beagle part. She kept me up all last night – pawing at the door – simply because she wanted to go sleep in someone else’s room. Forget that noise – she’s been known to do naughty things when left on her own. So five different times I got up to see if she needed to go pee. Not. Once.

    I’m exhausted this morning and ready to kill the beagle.

  6. No chance of that, Ninjie. The Rottie came over last night for designer doggie chewies and Seltzer water. He brought roses for the beagle. And by golly, I saw her blush.

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