Name the company – win a purse

So I finally figured out why the beagle has been acting so strangely – giving me evil glares, stealing all my artsy crafty stuff, and refusing to file or answer phones. It wasn’t Spring Fever after all. Nor was she planning on running away with the Rottie down the street. She has decided the only way to greatness is to make her own money. Ungrateful wench.

Look, Ma, I haz purses - click for larger view

Despite her lack of opposable thumbs, she and her minions have decided to open up a side biz that puts authors’ cover art on purses. I can

attest to the fact that these purses draw a crowd because she made a couple for me, and it literally does stop traffic and initiates all kinds of conversation.

And sales.


Why? You need to ask why?? Oh, come on… who doesn’t want their gorgeous cover art being exposed all the time? It’s one of a kind, and beats the heck out of those goofy pins and earrings.

They also make great prizes or promotional giveaways (filled with a copy of your book, of course).


Click for larger view

However, there’s a glitch. She needs a clever name for her company, but she’s too hungover to think of one herself. Figures. I’ve told her I’m not helping, since I have my own gig going on. That leaves you – the good, kind readers of this blog to help out with a name. The winner will get a free small purse of her cover art – a $45 value. Dudes, if you win, yours will be a murse.

If you aren’t published and don’t have cover art, the beagle will make you a purse of your family pics, your doggeh, your boyfriend in the shower, your wedding, divorce, dancing on the table tops, whatever. Like this…

Basically, anything that can be photographed can be on one of the beagle’s purses.


If you look at the tab on the blog that says I Can Haz Purse (or simply click the link), you’ll see all the details of her company.

So that’s it. You’re all brilliant wordsmiths, so think up a clever, catchy name for the beagle’s company and win a one-of-a-kind purse that will set tongues to wagging and readers rushing to buy your book. It’s the perfect thing for proud moms, when flowers simply won’t do.

Simply use this handy dandy form to submit your idea, and the beagle will take care of the rest. The contest will be open until May 18, after which I will have either sold the beagle into doggeh slavery, or forced her to copy edit my next book.

The Burning Land-click for larger view

Here is the purse the beagle made for Victoria Strauss‘ fabulous book The Burning Land

And another that she made for that crabbity old bat, Nicola Morgan,

Write To Be Published-click for larger view

to celebrate her new release, Write To Be Published– sadly, only available in the UK.

Children of the Fog-click for larger view

And just so the beagle wouldn’t leave out Canada, here is the beagle’s first customer, Cheryl Kaye Tardif:

This contest is open to anyone and everyone – no matter where you live – the US, Canada, UK,  Australia, the moon, under a well-oiled barstool. The beagle awaits.

As for me, I’d rather she got back to filing.

25 Responses to Name the company – win a purse

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    If somebody unpublished wins can they hold off on claiming the prize until they DO have cover art? (The ever-hopeful Ninja).

  2. Absolutely, Ninjie.

  3. Brian Clegg says:

    I think the purses are brilliant – many congratulations to the beagle – but as I get mocked around here for having my book cover on a mug, I can’t imagine what the response would be to it appearing on a purse (or handbag as we say in these parts).

    Company name?
    * Clutchbook
    * Handbook
    * Bags of Words
    * Trivial Pursewoot
    * Under Cover
    * Sac a Livre
    * Get a Handle On It
    * Bagsabook

  4. Those are amazing purses. Tote-ally. 🙂

    Books Brothers
    Four Leafed Covers
    Bag End
    From Wrote to Tote
    Pursey Verance

  5. The beagle has been getting all kinds of fabulous names, and we’re both cracking up. You guys are so clever, it hurts.

  6. Digital Dame says:

    What about Marguerite Beagle Enterprises? 🙂 A little nod to the fav beverage and the beagle herself.

  7. LOL! I love it. Tell the beagle she has a great idea.

    Thanks for a fun contest. 😀

  8. Aw, Deb, there you go…encouraging the beagle. Then again, having her as a profit center isn’t such a bad idea…

  9. The Beagle says:

    What that slogging, whip tossing boss of mine didn’t tell you is that all her authors get a purse…for freebies. Am I good, or what?

  10. You guys are amazingly clever. Keep ’em coming.

  11. Don’t know why but I can’t post to this blog. 😦

  12. HA! That worked! LOL! Now let me try my suggestions …

    Canine Creations
    Tequila Totes

  13. Silly Safari. Playing games with me again. 🙂

  14. AstonWest says:

    Weird…I thought we were supposed to be supplying them in the form… 😛

  15. No worries, Todd. I have this shaggy terrier breathing down my neck collecting all the title ideas – both on the site and on the beagle’s email. They are terrific. The titles, that is. The dogs can go chase themselves…

  16. Lauren says:

    Poodle Toodle?

    Only is The Beagle wants to honor The Poodle down the street. (They did have a good night, yes?)

  17. Pelotard says:

    Lynn, why is it that you look younger on every photo? The only two other people I know of with that problem are Bruce Springsteen and Dorian Gray… no, wait, Dorian’s portrait got older, didn’t it, and the bloke stayed the same. Do you go to the same photographer as The Boss? 🙂

  18. Hah, Pelo, are you looking for a free murse? Flattery will get you everywhere, m’dear. Truth is, I’m set to turn the big 55 next month, so this is merely a really good photo…a lucky shot that looks nothing like me in real life. Truly.

    But you totally made my millenium. I’ll dine on this for weeks. Bless you.

    And the photographer was my son.

  19. Daisy Hill Handbags (an homage to Shultz’s price Beagle)

  20. GutsyWriter says:

    Hi Lynn,
    I spent 40 minutes trying my best to come up with a few names last night. Did I accidentally erase them, not send them or did they evaporate? I think this is such a great promo idea and like Pelotard said, you do look fabulous on that photo which is perfect as you’re a model for “le book sac.”

  21. No, Gutsy, your names came in, no worries. And bless ye. Though you’re hardly one to talk, Ms. ILookFantastic

  22. I love the bags. Very creative.
    What about: Cover to Cover

  23. I love my bag and am so grateful to Lynn, and very touched, too. (Does “touched” mean the same over there, btw??) Today I met friends for lunch and they loved it – they said they’d even like one of their favourite book even though they aren’t writers themselves! Gad, even my husband loved it!

  24. Pelotard says:

    Lynn, it looks scarily much like you can make more money shifting this purse idea than selling actual books…!

  25. Ouch, Pelo. Does that mean you have little faith in the fabulosity of our books and our ability to sell them?

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