New Yawk bound

So we’re gettin’ on a jet plane early in the morning. I’m sure we’ll all get our individual feel-ups and body cavity searches before climbing on board. I’m hideously excited about this trip because we’ll have two days of pitching our new lineup to the sales teams before having a round robin meeting with all of them individually. Then we’ll have some great seminars before we get on to partaying with our colleagues. HoOya!

It’s really hard to cram four fabulous books into 13 minutes because I could blather on all day long on just one title. I think I’ve got a good presentation written up, but I’m sure to get my asterick kicked once Sweetcheeks takes a look at my write ups. He’s good that way, bringing up stuff that I forget. We’re a good team, and he’ll have a five hour flight to red line my tome.

So, my darling authors, Gay Culverhouse, brilliant author of Throwaway Players, Chris Baughman, equally brilliant author of Off the Street, Kim Kircher, whose incredible book The Next 15 Minutes makes me want to get an inhaler, and investigative reporter Chip Jacobs, who has a rousing book The Ascension of Jerry…wish me luck that I don’t stumble over my verbs and nouns and do you proud.

You guys rock.

9 Responses to New Yawk bound

  1. Marisa Birns says:

    Assuming the Beagle is staying behind to hold down the fort.

  2. Absolutely. New Yawk isn’t ready 4 the beagle.

  3. kimkircher says:

    Hopefully your trip through the TSA line goes better for you than for me recently. I always try to take my insulin pump out of my bra (where it’s accessible with just a quick shrug and deft hand motion) before I go through the xray. But this time I was ushered too quickly through the new scanner. I asked an attendant if I could go through with my pump. He said yes. Long story short, I got the full pat down and then some. The female agent kept asking me if it was okay to pat me in my “private areas”. I had to glance over my shoulder to see if this was a test. Was Mom standing right there, ready to scold me if I said it was okay? I even told her where the “anomaly” found on the scanner was located, but she wanted to find it herself. And find it she did. Woohaw!

  4. Kim, that is horrific! Honestly, I’m all about being safe, but this is outrageous and borderline rape.

  5. Ludmilla Bollow says:

    Lynn– Wow them, as only you can!! After they notice you, how can they not notice the books (in their cute beagle bags?) Bon voyage!

  6. Chip Jacobs says:

    Safe travels and kick butt back there, Lynn. We couldn’t have a better rep. than you selling our stories. If any TSA agents gets too handsy, kick ’em where the badges don’t go.

  7. Ludmilla, I brought my Writer’s Essential Tackle Box purse that the beagle made, so they’ll be sufficiently wowed.

    Chip, the TSA was great. I was – ahem – in a wheelchair, total gimp along until I get the new hip. They blasted all of us through so fast, my head was spinning. They don’t have the nekkid machines yet, either. We all got through with our dignity intact.

  8. Chris says:

    Good Luck Lynn. Remember…this is a cake walk. Handle your biz girl!!!

  9. No worries, Chris.

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