New Yawk

Hello, New Yawk!

We adore New Yawk, so it was all too exciting to know we’d be able to mix bidness with pleasure and celebrate our 32nd anniversary in one of our favorite cities.

Yummo...cart dogs!

First order of the day was to get a cart dog. This is a staple for every tourist – food of the Gods – that makes life worth living. And cart dogs are only good in NY.

The we did something I’ve always wanted to do – rent bikes and ride through Central Park. That was a blast. Should you come to NY, you must do this. The park is simply gorgeous – though my bum hip thought otherwise.

Saddle up, doggies

So after riding our bikes, we got a cannoli in the Park – another gift from the Gods.

Bottoms up!

But after working so hard, we needed a beer. So we commandeered a bar and much mirth was had by all.

After the bar, we Prices were feeling pretty good about ourselves. Apparently, a store wholeheartedly agreed.

Yes, I'll have one of those, please.

We were so busy appreciating our Priceness that we stumbled across the Naked Cowboy. He’s…ah…very fit.

A gent decided he’d parlay the Cowboy’s popularity and hand out free hugs. The baby daughter (who graduates from San Francisco State and just got accepted to Boston University for grad school – criminal justice) decided she’d collect one. He wanted to hug her for a loooong time.

We finally hobbled on home after a long, fun day and ordered Italian takeout and drank with impunity. Word is the beagle is ticked off she was left at home. I told her it was her fault for starting a company.

In all, we had a fabulous anniversary. Sweetcheeks, you’re the ying to my yang, the zip to my zap, the hoo to my ha. I’d marry you all over again.

11 Responses to New Yawk

  1. Lauren says:

    Congratulations on those years! It sounds like the most marvelous time ever!

    Psst, Sweetcheeks, if you ever get tired of her and that margarita-swilling beagle, call me . . .

  2. S.P. Bowers says:

    Happy Anniversary! We’re only on 13 but we’ll get there. Hope it was all as fun as it sounded.

  3. NinjaFingers says:

    I’d rather ride a HORSE through Central Park, but everything else looks awesome. I so need to get up there one of these years.

  4. Hah, good luck, Lauren. Sweetcheeks is stuck with me…and the beagle.

    Many more happy ones to you, S.P.

    Ninjie, only way you’re gonna ride a horse is on one of those buggie rides. The park is simply gorgeous – especially at this time of year. The cherry blossoms are in bloom, and they kept raining down on us like little pink droplets. So pretty.

  5. Indy says:

    What a perfectly wonderful trip!! And congrats on the anniversary too! I forwarded your blog post to another friend of mine who is going to NY soon and wanted ideas of what to do ~

  6. kimkircher says:

    Love all the photos. Price is King, indeed!

  7. Lev Raphael says:

    Back in the day, a dear friend combined two of your faves: cart dog and eating it in Central Park.

    But for cannolis we’d head to Little Italy.

    Enjoy the city! And make sure you get to the refurbished Columbus Circle.

  8. AstonWest says:

    I’m not exactly sure hoo and ha (hoo-ha?) mean the same to you as to me, but glad you’re enjoying your trip, and Happy Anniversary! 🙂

  9. It sounds like a good time to me. It’s also a good thing that it was a Spring trip — the Naked Cowboy is less… impressive, during the winter months.

  10. Ludmilla Bollow says:

    Lynn, sounds like a fabulous trip! Business & pleasure combined with the right person. If time, check out Chapter 26 in Dr. Z– all about Central Park. “What would New York do without such a blessed sanctuary for its common people? How would they survive without some touchstone to nature?” (Still relevant) Ludmilla

  11. Ludmilla, Central Park…I adore that place and was thrilled to ride my bike through a downpour of cherry blossoms.

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