Show off your cover art with I Can Haz Purse

Not much to report today, only to make sure that you’ve gotten your Name That Company ideas into the beagle. She’s been gearing up for business, and her posse of doggeh friends is growing restless.

She was heartened to hear that I’d taken my cover purse to our sales meeting and drew all kinds of comments. And these are hardcore publishers and sales reps – and they all freaked out at the fabulosity of this idea. They were equally impressed with the quality and strength of the purse, cos I had a bunch of Pricey junk in there – my ever-faithful Kindle, wallet, purse, Metro card, iPod, cellie, pens, business cards, blah, blah, blah. Several took cards so they could order some for their own authors. This caused the beagle to polish off the remaining tequila.

That crabbity old bat Nicola Morgan had this to say about her purse that has the fabulous cover art of her upcoming book, Write To Be Published:

“To be honest, it’s hard to imagine any writer not wanting one of these gorgeous purses. I absolutely love mine and want to go out ALL the time with it. It’s so unusual and striking. Don’t suppose you’re going to do the same with shoes?!”

Shoes. That woman never gives up, does she? If you don’t read Nicola’s blog, you should. It’s jam packed with writerly advice that cuts to the quick – and she’s quite witty, though I think it’s because she drinks. But don’t tell her I said that.

And as crabbity as she is, she’s an equally fabulous writer. The first book of hers that I read was The Highwayman’s Footsteps. It’s YA, but I ate this book up because Ms. Crabbity is such a lovely writer. Her latest book, Wasted, is only available in the UK, a fact that irritates me beyond belief because it’s gotten rave reviews. So I’ll place my order and await its shipment to my grubby little fingers.

Author and Publishing extraordinaire, Victoria Strauss had this to say about her gorgeous purse – which I was sorely tempted to keep:

The purse arrived yesterday–how cool and clever! What a great idea for promotion! I love it.

Vic not only protects writers from making horrible publishing mistakes, but she’s a fabulous writer. I’m loving her latest release, Garden of the Stone. Even if you don’t read this genre, I implore you to buy it, as Vic shows what effective writing looks like. In fact, she’s such a lovely writer, she’s made a changed woman out of me, and I’ve ordered all her other books as well – of which there are many.

And in the end, that’s what promotion is all about, making readers aware of your book – and maybe adding new readers to the genre. And nothing does that better than cover art, right? And nothing shows off cover art better than a purse.

So what are you waiting for? The beagle invites…eh, what am I saying?…she implores you to visit her I Can Haz Purse page and submit your order today. She guarantees that you’ll be thrilled right down to your verbs and nouns.

And if you have a clever name to submit for the beagle’s company and it wins, you’ll win a freebie purse. The beagle changed her mind and announced that the winner will get the large purse (not the small one, as she’d originally planned) – a $60 value. So what are you waiting for? Anyone know what a pain it is to deal with a crabby beagle?

7 Responses to Show off your cover art with I Can Haz Purse

  1. Tara Maya says:

    Those are delicious! I definitely want one!

  2. PJC says:

    Hi Beagle Babe – I hope that you got my several suggestions! Not so web-savvy to be able to use the ‘form’. Your endeavors are ab-fab! And always a giggle of a blog!

  3. Lev Raphael says:

    You just know somebody’s going to push you to offer minaudières!

  4. Nah, these are in a class all by themselves. Minaudières are show pieces – which is great – but I’m all about practicality. If I can’t stick something in my purse and use it, then chances are I won’t use it. I don’t go enough places to be show-offy, and I’m betting authors are more practical than that, too!

  5. I have to agree. The fabulosity just oozes from this post. At first, I wasn’t thinking of the actual book tie-in; but now, complete understanding makes it one of the best ideas for promotion I’ve heard in years, The beagle should be proud.

  6. Thanks, Richard. The beagle is looking to be rid of me and my secretarial demands. Phhht. Though I have to say she does amazing work.

  7. Laura W. says:

    You could call them Book Bags, though that seems a little uncreative/makes them sound like schoolkid backpacks…

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