Everybody loves a winner

And I just happen to have two on my hands.

Glowing congrats to Barry Petersen for his Silver Medal Independent Publishers Award (IPPY) and a Finalist in the International Book Awards (kinda like a silver) for Jan’s Story. Working with Barry on his edits was especially difficult because I felt like I was constantly ripping off a very soft scab. Every chapter was wrought with boxes of Kleenex – for both of us – and he couldn’t get done editing fast enough. But I was a perfectionist, and because I loved this book so much, I kept hammering away until I felt it was ready. I’m sure he was ready to kill me.

But the hard work was worth it. He’s a Denver Post bestseller, and now he’s an award-winning author.  I couldn’t be happier (or prouder) if I was twins.

Kim Michele Richardson’s book, The Unbreakable Child, also won a Finalist (silver) at the International Book Awards. Kim’s book has special meaning for me because I had made promises that I couldn’t keep due to the ineffective, pathetic, scandalous treachery of our former “distributor.”

After everything that Kim had already been through with her life, and then the implosion of her first publisher, I wanted nothing more than for Kim to feel safe, that she had a forever home with us. When our “distributor” screwed us over, my heart bled for Kim. She didn’t deserve this. We were damned if we were going to let her suffer any further. We got one of the best distributors in the country, and just this past week, got the chance to blab our hearts out to our sales reps in New York about what a fabulous books TUC is, and to make this backlist title a priority.

At long last, Kim will have what she deserves. And now, she can add award-winning author to her bio. Brava, Kim. I’m proud to know you and be a part of this worthy project. There is no book like TUC because this is about, not only Kim’s horrific life, but the first-ever monetary settlement paid by Roman Catholic nuns in the US as compensation for decades of institutional abuse at an orphanage. The icing on the cake is her open letter to the Pope and the ensuing reply.

Whenever one of our authors win awards or fabulous reviews, I always feel a warm spot in my heart, and remember the long journey from manuscript to blessed finished book. In some ways I feel like a momma bird, watching her babies find their wings and take to the air. Only then can I sit back in my nest and say, “Oh hell yes…we did it.”

God, I love this biz.

3 Responses to Everybody loves a winner

  1. kimkircher says:

    Hearty congratulations to Barry, Kim and you, Lynn. Fabulous work!

  2. Kim says:

    Aww, phooey, what a beautiful heart-felt post. It made me cry, but in a good way! Thank you most kindly, Lynn!!

    And. Huge congrats to Barry and Behler!

  3. Ray says:

    Congrats to Kim and Barry!

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