Make me laugh…win a book

It’s true that writers are the cleverest of all, and over the years your comments have made me think, and most of all, you’ve made me laugh. So I’ve decided to reward such cleverness by choosing a Great Comment of the Month. The winner gets a freebie copy of The Writer’s Essential Tackle Box.

June’s winner was Becky for her comment in the post The Eleventh Commandment. The Beckster made me laugh out loud, so her book is winging its way to her house.

I love to laugh and I love to share, so this seems to be the best of all worlds, no?

5 Responses to Make me laugh…win a book

  1. AstonWest says:

    How am I supposed to make you laugh if you don’t have a way of uploading photos of myself?

  2. Becky Mushko says:

    Can’t wait to get the book!

  3. Bill Webb says:

    Make you laugh? That’s a dangerous proposition because we all know that Zoos have signs:

    Do NOT Feed the Animals!

    It makes them looney.

    Besides if I wanted to make you laugh I’d send you a query letter. I know you’d reject it because you like to publish socially responsible books and I am neither social nor responsible.

    It’s okay, I already have a signed copy of your book.

    If only I could read.

  4. Dear Editor,

    Do you know why I feel I am entitled to a copy of your book?

    Because I am a published writer, through “Publish America,” and I have sold one hundred and fifty copies of my first book. Granted, the purchasers were all family members and friends – but each of them loved it.

    My newest book, “How to get your Book Published by Querying Editors En Mass,” contains 234,312 words, and is fully edited. My next door neighbor read it, and she loved it. I wrote it while I was sitting home weaving baskets, because I do not like to leave my house.

    Additionally, I don’t feel I need a book proposal, as my words will speak for themselves. You’ll see for yourself when you read the first hundred and fifty pages that I have attached to my query letter. I will phone you next week to see how you liked them.

    Oh, and I am querying other agents and editors at this time, so you better act fast if you wish to purchase my book, which should be on the NY Times Best Seller list within a week of publication.

    Newb Author

  5. Thank God, I already have your book (dog-eared though it may be), so I don’t have to stress about being intelligent, clever or tickling your beagle’s funny bone when I comment.

    Like I need another stressor in my life.

    I read your blog for the your humor and smart info and you expect me to respond in kind? Srsly? I’d have to start eating twinkies.

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