Why I love being a publisher

We went to a friend’s birthday party last night. Toward the end of the evening most everyone had gone home, leaving a handful of us sitting around the table outside enjoying the warm summer night. Of course, talk turned to books. Someone piped up and asked about our books, so I happily recommended Charting the Unknown because I knew they’d love it. While describing the book and all the reasons why I adore Kim Petersen’s writing, someone else leaned forward and said, “Hey, I read that book. I borrowed it from a friend of mine. It was fantastic.”

Blink blink. Oh happy day.

Really? sez me, the cover has Kim sitting on the bow of the boat, right? Yah yah, sez she. Fantastic book.

Is there any greater feeling than publishing something you love and hearing someone bought it and felt the same way? It’s the same feeling I get when I go to a bookstore and see our books on the shelves. It’s confirmation that all the hard work and long hours everyone put in has paid off. Our jobs isolate us much of the time from our dearest loves – readers – so getting feedback about how someone loved one of your “children” is about as good as it gets.

And really, nothing sells a book better than someone who’s read it and loved it. Hearing it bounced back at you is simply delicious.

So if you’re looking for a travel essay that delves deeply into a woman’s heart and eloquently mirrors the common fears and hopes that dwell in all of us – with a huge dose of humor – then make Charting your next summer read (also available in Kindle and NOOK). Kim is a brilliant writer with a very bright future.

Hey, I know because I went to a party last night. I haz a happy.

4 Responses to Why I love being a publisher

  1. This is a great reminder that it isn’t just the writers that feel the love when a book gets published 🙂

  2. steven says:

    Nice. I’m glad you had that experience. I wonder, though, if it would have been even better if the reader had told you they bought it on a recommendation rather than just borrowing it?

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but this is my first time commenting. Thanks for the frequent updates.

  3. Steve: thanks for your comments. You mentioned that it would have been nice if the reader had told me she bought the book based on someone’s recommendation rather than borrowing the book. I don’t think in those terms because I’d drive myself insane. Instead, I’ll rejoice that TWO other readers at the party are buying the book based on her recommendation.

  4. kimkircher says:

    Kim’s book is fantastic. I love what you say here about being isolated from our dearest loves–readers. As a writer, I want to connect with readers, simple as that.

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