New laugh for the day

On the outside of the envelope of a query letter:

Don’t Feed to Beagles

I’m still laughing…

9 Responses to New laugh for the day

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    It wasn’t from me…although I admit…

  2. No, it definitely wasn’t from you, Ninjie. No SASE, no email addy, a genre that we don’t publish. The only funny was the envelope. Sad that.

  3. Becky Mushko says:

    I would have addressed it directly to The Beagle. And probably have had my own beagle send it.

  4. Can you imagine someone already beat you to that, Becky?

  5. Becky Mushko says:

    I can imagine. Beagle owners are a strange lot.

    But I’ll bet I was the first person to have her elderly (now-deceased) mixed-retriever’s “poetry” (mostly doggerel and reworkings of Nigerian scam e-mails) offered a contract by PublishAmerica. See

    The dog even negotiated four free copies instead of the usual one or two. Alas, he was unable to hold a pen to sign the contract that PA sent him, so his tome was never published.

  6. Bill Webb says:

    Don’t Feed to Beagles

    There’s more than one? That’s an auto reject right there, not knowing a singular beagle from a plural beagle.

  7. tbrosz says:

    I thought the plural of “beagle” was “beaglae.”

  8. Laura W. says:

    LOL! DId you sign them?

  9. Alas no. The query was for a thriller – a genre we don’t publish and plainly state in our submission guidelines.

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