Seattle, here I come

I’m off early tomorrow for the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Conference. These guys work us like dirty dogs, but they make it a ton of fun for us as well. I have fond memories of PNWA because it’s where I found the fabulous Kim Kircher and her equally fabulous book, The Next 15 Minutes: Strength From the Top of the Mountain. It was doubly fun because there were several editors in the room who really wanted her as well.

So this year, we’re going to celebrate. Kim and her adorable hubby, John, are taking me and Kim’s lovely agent, Kit Ward, for a flightseeing tour. Yes, among everything else this couple does, John flies.

PNWA is making a big hoohoo over Kim and her marvelous book. We did a special print run for PNWA, so only those attending can get Kim’s book earlier than the October 1 release date. I’m especially excited for Kim because she’s one of the warmest people to come along. Her smile that’s as big as Arizona belies the angst and fear of nearly losing her husband, John, to cancer – and the only place she found solace and empowerment is at the top of the mountain with two skies strapped to her boots, bombing some insanely steep run with her hair on fire.

I can relate to that. I used to ski before my hip decided my daring-do shouldn’t stretch beyond bike riding, and I can still feel the wind in my then-braids as I flew down the mountain feeling like I owned the world. And no one captures that essence better than Kim. So I’m incredibly excited to see one of my authors stand up before a crowd and take her place of published author. She deserves every bit of accolade. To get a sample of her writing, visit her blog. Her latest post had me reaching for the Kleenex box – again.

I’m glad editing went well…otherwise I can see a quick boot out of the airplane as we fly over Puget Sound.

2 Responses to Seattle, here I come

  1. Kim Kircher says:

    Ah shucks Lynn. I’m blushing. Thanks for the wonderful words

  2. Congratulations! Sounds like you’ll have a gratifying trip out to a beautiful area. Kim’s book sounds exceptional…going to check out her blog next. And your writing Lynn has me laughing out loud as you help us wind our way through the publishing process with clarity and pith. Thanks!

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