…aaaaand she’s off again…

Just when I thought I had some time to breathe, I’m quickly washing and re-packing my little bags and heading out to the lovely Oregon coast, where I’ll be sliced and diced entertaining for four hours at the Oregon Writer’s Colony’s Founders Day.

Been a long time since I did a four hour seminar. Wait. I’ve never done a four hour seminar. This should be fun. I’ll either have them in the palm of my grubby hands or put them to sleep with the first-ever Sure Doze Seminar.

I’ll be back on Monday…where I’m sure that my bionic hip will set off more alarms at the airport, encouraging those randy TSA agents to check every seam and lining of my bod.

I’m beginning to really hate flying, but I love talking to authors, so the indignity is worth it.

See you on Monday. While I’m gone, get cracking on that new chapter or new book!

2 Responses to …aaaaand she’s off again…

  1. Lev Raphael says:

    I wish I were writing, Lynn. I’m doing PR for my 21st book instead. It’s fun, but not as much fun as working on a book as opposed to with or for it. 🙂


  2. Digital Dame says:

    Welcome to OR! Hope you enjoy it. Personally, I loathe flying. And I don’t even set off any alarms. It’s the ‘sitting-on-the-plane’ part that gets me.

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