Busy Week

I’ll be rather invisible this week because I have lots going on. The Southern California Writer’s Conference is next weekend (I hope to see you there!), and I have advance submissions to read and crit, six Behler submissions to read, AND the beagle has me working on her I Can Haz Purse because she’ll be selling a bunch of them at the conference this coming weekend. Well…she won’t because the hotel doesn’t have a designer dog run for spoiled beagles, so we will pick up the slack for her. In return, she’s promised lots of margaritas.

I have so much I want to talk about in the writerly world, but it’ll have to wait until after the weekend. Have a great week, everyone, and write like the wind!

One Response to Busy Week

  1. Ludmilla Bollow says:

    Have a wonderful conference weekend Lynn! Being busy is better than being bored– with nothing to do. Busy blends with you and the beagle. Will wait to hear the reports….. Ludmilla

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