Kim Kircher explains why women excel in dangerous careers

As you can probably tell from the cover, Kim Kircher isn’t your ordinary housewifey who bakes cookies and waits for her man to come home. Instead, she carries a backpack filled with explosives to combat avalanches, hauls toboggans to injured skiers, combs the slopes for problems, and generally kicks ass.

In short, Kim is a risk-taker.

Most of us with a quasi-functioning brain may wonder why she does this. And the answer may surprise you. Kim says that having a risky job actually helped her handle life’s harder moments. I think all of us can identify with that. How many times have we felt like we could handle anything after coming off the heels of some prolonged adversity? Bring it on, baby.

Kim wrote a fantastic article on the blog called Risky Business: Why Women Excel In Dangerous Careers, that brought me a new perspective.

She writes:

By putting myself up against perceived (and even real) risk, I am better equipped for life’s harder moments. Some might say that my career choice is selfish; that my husband and my stepchildren need me to stay out of harm’s way. But in reality, I’m a better wife and mother because of it.

And because of the dangers of her job, she was better able to handle the crisis of her husband’s liver disease, which is the oh-so cool story of The Next 15 Minutes.

I have to say that reading Kim’s articles always make me want to leave the batcave and take up alligator wrangling.

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