Remembering to be grateful for the healthy ones…

There’s little doubt that squeaky wheels get the grease, right? But what about the other wheels that don’t squeak because they are stronger and have more grease? Are they any less important or vital? After all, without those unsqueaky wheels, the entire wagon could fail.

Such is the case with families in crisis. Parents can be so embroiled in doing everything to help their little squeaky wheels that they forget about the healthy ones.

The first video is the reality of Amanda’s life, along with that of her family and the subject of her upcoming book Heart Warriors.

The second video is a lovely reminder to be infinitely grateful to those unsqueaky wheels whose gift is bringing smiles and joy to heavy hearts.

4 Responses to Remembering to be grateful for the healthy ones…

  1. danholloway says:

    The best examination of this theme I’ve come across was the TV drama Coming Down the Mountain, written by Mark Haddon ( I’m sure you know it, but if not I couldn’t recommend it highly enough as a piece of writing that isn’t afraid to tackle all dimensions of family dynamics (at the stories heart is a damged, often disturbing, but wonderfully moving and honest relationship between two teenage brothers, one of whom has Downe’s Syndrome)

  2. Sounds fabulous, Dan. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lovely, Lynn. Well, “lovely” is not at all the right word but I hope you know what I mean. Inspiring. Nxx

  4. Everyone needs a hug warrior in their family, and it looks like Moira is one of the best. This feature was a wonderful idea.

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