Go, Kim Kircher!

An excellent TV interview of the achingly talented Kim Kircher. Not only can she write like the wind, but she can toss bombs out of a helicopter to control avalanches, and save my crusty hide on the ski slopes should I stray into a tree. I wanna be Kim when I grow up. Yah, ok, so I’m older than Kim, so what??

I’d embed the interview here, but WORDPRESS doesn’t allow that capability (one thing I really miss about Blogger). I digress. The best I can do is offer the link by clicking on the photo below to watch the fabulous Kimba, Queen of the Mountain.

Click on image to watch video

4 Responses to Go, Kim Kircher!

  1. Kim Kircher says:

    I can’t embed either, so here’s what I do. Take a screen shot of the video (Command/Shift/4 on a Mac) and put that image in the body of your post. Then hyperlink the image, just like you did with the “press here” link. Works like a charm. And I’m not even a nerd. Although I did grow up within spitting distance from what is now the Microsoft campus. Maybe it’s something in the water.

  2. Hurrah! Kimba saves the day. I had to go through more machinations to accomplish my goal because I had to crop the screen capture, but it’s there now. Yay.

    Is there anything you *can’t* do?

  3. Digital Dame says:

    I think it’s more that NWCN has it blocked and is not allowing embedding. I post videos on my blog fairly often, but NWCN doesn’t seem to be providing the proper coding.

  4. No, Digi, it’s WordPress. NWCN provided the embed code, only WordPress wouldn’t accept it. They’re really picky about what coding they’ll allow, which irritates me because I get video feeds from all sorts of sources. One thing I really appreciated about Blogger…

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