Fiction novel…250,000 words long?

Here is my reply to your query:

*thanks to Janet Reid for the link.

5 Responses to Fiction novel…250,000 words long?

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    My reaction to that is: Can’t you break it up?

  2. I think my link suggests exactly how to break it up.

  3. Laura W. says:

    Question: aren’t there genres in which a higher word count would be considered the norm, or is at least more acceptable? I know you probably don’t represent those genres, so this person had no business querying you, but still, what are the exceptions?

  4. Sure. SF and fantasy come to mind. But any author is pushing the limits when writing something over 150,000 words in those genres. Anytime an author calls his/her book a “fiction novel,” I know I’m not dealing with someone who understands the business. That they wrote 250k words is further proof that the author needs more educating.

  5. NinjaFingers says:

    I generally argue that for most genres, 80-100k is about right. 100-120k is good for either epic fantasy or epic sci-fi. (YA, of course, can be and often is shorter).

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