For the writers in your life…

The beagle has added a new purse to her I Can Haz Purse repertoire. Actually, she has a whole bunch of them, which we need to add to the site…if she’d ever get off her butt and make a site, that is. Anyhoo, we’ve had a big reaction to the Writer’s Clock purse she designed, so she’s offering it for $40 (large size only).

We don’t have a model done yet (she’s working on it now), but here’s the graphic. Yes, yes, we all realize there should be more time for drinking heavily, but writers are busy and have much to do!


All orders should be sent to the beagle’s email – – with your order and contact info. The beagle will finish her margarita and contact you!

4 Responses to For the writers in your life…

  1. Lev Raphael says:

    Too funny!

    I quit teaching in the late 1980s to write full-time but couldn’t sell a book and kept grousing, “I’m giving up writing as a career!”

    Then I got a call from an editor at St. Martin’s offering me a book deal. Stunned, I hung up the phone, relayed the news to my spouse who smiled and said, “But didn’t you tell him you had given up writing as a career?”

  2. Very, very cute. Almost makes me wish I was a purse person!

  3. gkirkland says:

    Drink heavily on the half hour in between each step.

  4. Penelope J. says:

    18 years ago, I wrote my first draft of my Big Book. Rewrote it and rewrote it – 10 times. Was hooked. Several top NY agents read it but turned it down. Put it in the closet and wrote other books instead. Recently, pulled Big Book out of the closet, showed it to a best-selling author who loved it, and am rewriting/editing it.

    According to your clock, I’m starting over. This time, I’ll get to the top. Publish it.

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