Have email address, will abuse

Lots of people had new releases coming out in time for the Christmas season, and many writers went no further than their email address book to alert those unassuming victims.

Come! Buy! Attend my party! Blah, blah, blah.

Now before you accuse me of a mind meld with the beagle, hear me out. My business email address ends up on a lot of address books for various reasons – and it’s not just authors. The book announcement I received the other day came from a small POD publisher…how and why she had my email address remains a mystery.

Sure, I could just roll my eyes and delete the email…and I do. But since November on, the invitations to signings and launch parties have increased to ridiculous numbers. What’s worse is I don’t know A. Single Person.

Folks, this is NOT an effective use of your address book. We aren’t in there so you can abuse us at your whim. Instead, may I recommend some common sense and suggest that you only send email announcements/invitations to those you actually know? I realize common sense invariably goes out the window because authors are so wrapped up in their book that they don’t realize what a nuisance they can be.

Yes, it is exciting to see your book all prettied up in a cover and pages, and your friends and family will be just as thrilled for you. But I don’t know you, so my excitement levels will be in direct proportion to my “Who’s that?” comment. To you, it’s advertising. To me, it’s spamming.

No one likes spam. I mention spam to the beagle, and she snarls for days and makes lousy margaritas, so I keep it on the down low. And really, do you want to be known for being a spammer and abusing those in your address book? And this goes for parties and any other social gatherings. How many times have you been locked in a corner gripping your glass of Chardonnay as if it was your last vestige of sanity because some author had just published their book and HAD to tell you every last nuance to the plot?

Before you let your excitement overtake the rest of your firing synapses, stop and consider what the polite, classy thing would be. Then temper your thrills and chills by not hitting the “Include All” in the address line of your book announcements. Otherwise, I can’t be responsible for the beagle and her roving band of leather-wearing Dobermans.

7 Responses to Have email address, will abuse

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    Ah, but are they *straight* leather-wearing dobermans.


  2. authorguy says:

    It could be worse. I’ve had authors who haven’t finished their book tell me every last detail of the plot.

  3. Ninjie, the way those Dobies snarl, I don’t really stop to ask questions. Their drippy fangs seem to do all the talking.

    Authorguy: Moi aussi. It’s usually at the bar of a writer’s conference where the wine tends to loosen tongues a wee bit too much.

  4. NinjaFingers says:

    I need to find the money to get to a writer’s conference. Sigh.

  5. Or do like I did and accidentally click “Invite everyone on the entire planet” to be my buddy on LinkedIn. I was writing apology emails for several days.

  6. Becky Mushko says:

    I just received an email today from someone I don’t know who just self-published his thriller on Kindle and wanted me to buy his book. I don’t read thrillers (unless Lee Child wrote them).

    Even worse, though, are the companies that charge gullible authors hefty marketing fees to spam thousands of strangers in a single email blast and invite them to book signings 500 miles from where the recipient of the spam lives.

  7. You’re so right, Becky. These “promotion” companies swindle a bucket load out of unsuspecting authors, and all they do is spam. Ugh.

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