I dare you not to smile

If you’re having a rough day of writing, and the words just aren’t coming, watch this. You’ll smile and laugh, and if you’re like me, you may squeeze out a tear or three…

6 Responses to I dare you not to smile

  1. johanniter says:

    The golden in the airport got me. I know some folks will disagree with me, but I totally think animals feel and can express love and happiness – and this is a perfect example (although I noticed those beagles didn’t have any margaritas… hmmm).

  2. Phhht…the beagles had already finsihed their pitcher before Daddy came home.

  3. Laura W. says:

    Dogs: “I haven’t licked you in AGES!!” *jumplickjumplick*

    So much sweet/cute in one video!!! Thanks for posting this!

  4. Frank Mazur says:

    …and it poses the question “How can anyone mistreat a dog? Any dog?”

  5. So sweet. Loved it. Thanks.

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