And now for some shameless promotion…

"Please join me..."


…I’ll be giving an online class in mid-February titled Agents/Editors: We Don’t Bite…Much. Those lovelies over at Romance Writers of America/Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal Chapter have asked me to do a two-week online class that covers the gamut of publishing. The thing that I love about online classes is that you don’t have to take stringent notes…it’s all there for you to place under your pillow and dream writerly dreams of brilliance and success.

So join us for some madness ’cause I don’t bite…much.

6 Responses to And now for some shameless promotion…

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    Because I know people will want to know – how much new ground are you covering for those of us who already have Tackle Box?

    (I don’t think I can quite justify the $20 right now *sads*)

  2. Excellent question, Ninjie. This will be all new material from Tackle Box. The nice thing about online classes is that I encourage all kinds of questions that cover the gamut of the industry. We’ll miss you!

  3. Julie Rowe says:

    Lynn, I run an announcement loop for online writing classes with over 500 subscribers. I’ll get the down-low from the workshop coordinator and promote this class!

  4. Julie, that is extraordinarily sweet of you. I’m sure the coordinator will really appreciate it.

  5. Julie Rowe says:

    I just signed up for the class as well. It sounds good!

  6. Oh yah…let the fun and insanity begin.

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