After visiting Boston, who cares about reality?

"Buzz off, I'm sleeping."

So now that I’m home from Bahston after visiting with Baby Daughter, only one thing remains: Reality. Unlike the beagle, who escapes this on a regular basis, I have books to send out to reviewers and media, promo plans to send to the sales guys, new authors to kiss and welcome, and editing to do.

I’m entering into this reality phase kicking and screaming because I really adored Bahston. I also learned that St. Paddy’s in Cali is like a vanilla shake when compared to Bostonians, who take this day as seriously as a book review from Kirkus. My liver may never recover, and have put it on a restricted diet of water.

In spite of the compromised state of my vital organs, I’ve decided that it’s good to leave reality every now and then because it puts new wind my sails, and helps me see my job with a clearer perspective.

It’s something I always recommend to anyone who has just finished writing a book. Walk away from it – go to Boston, Hawaii, the moon…only don’t start editing or rewriting because it’s too fresh and the temptation to noodle is too strong. Escaping reality replaces the constant reminder that, “Hey, I just finished writing a book…yippee skippie!”And when you do return to reality, you can appreciate the good and the warts.

So if you’re stuck on your plot development, or just finished your book, skip out on reality and enjoy something completely different. Consider it part of your writing tackle box. As for the beagle, I’ve decided that her escape from reality would actually entail doing an honest day’s work.

3 Responses to After visiting Boston, who cares about reality?

  1. A new perspective is refreshing…and I too love Boston. As for St. Paddy’s, love that too right here in NJ.

  2. I escaped reality many years ago, and then forgot where it was. There are no GPS devices that will help you return to reality. I know I’m still not there because my wife keeps giving me those deer-in-the-headlights looks on a regular basis!

  3. Glad to hear the Liver and Boston finally got to meet 🙂

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