The Next 15 Minutes – Buy it ‘cos Dad LOVES it

I know, I know,  no one is allowed to use the “My mom loved my book” fodder, but this isn’t my book, so I’m going for it. My dad is so adorable and supportive, but the man simply does not read books. He has this weird thing where he falls asleep whenever he reads…and it’s not boring stuff.

He told me how when he was at Stanford he used to have to walk around his dorm room while reading so he wouldn’t crash out. So it was a huge surprise when he told me he’d read Kim Kircher’s fabulous book, THE NEXT 15 MINUTES. AND LOVED IT. Dad has always been an adventurous guy…a pilot in the war, diver in college, travel-meister…anything that entailed learning and doing something exciting and new, you can count my dad in.

Given that, it’s no surprise how much he loved Kim’s book. Its action-packed stories of Kim’s equally amazing life is perfect medicine for my dad, and anyone who loves action more than being an armchair cowboy. Her experiences as a bomb-tossing avalanche techie, rescue Ski Patroller, mountain climber, and basically anything else that involves lots of guts, brawn, and danger becomes her savior while she takes on the biggest mountain of all – racing against time to find a suitable donor for her husband, who’s fighting bile duct cancer and has been given a year to live.

Dad loves how Kim weaves her mountain experiences (which are freaking harrowing) and applies the lesson learned to a particular scene that involves John’s diagnosis and dance with death. He’s found himself doing the same thing with his own past…like the time a big stuff Navy guy almost landed his plane on top of Dad’s plane, and it was only by the grace of Dad’s flying talents that he averted killing both of them. You manage to avoid certain death, and it tends to arm you for the many trials that Life throws at us mortals.

So if you’re the type who loves sports and harrowing “Holy CRAP” moments, I can’t think of a better book than THE NEXT 15 MINUTES. After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Go Kimba, Queen of the Mountain.

Available in all e-formats, too!

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