Computer blowout


So this was my weekend. A blown up computer in the office. My computer. My business computer.

Luckily, we have an extra computer no one is using and is pretty new. Luckily, I have CrashPlan that backed up my business computer.

Unluckily, it had only backed up 85% of my hard drive, so I’m missing stuff. Luckily, my missing stuff is still on a second hard drive. Unluckily, the program I used to sputz with our website is too old and won’t load on the new computer. Unluckily, I have to buy an updated version. Unluckily, Dreamweaver doesn’t run $25.95 specials.

Luckily, I had one more bite of the apple of my “student” bought “you get three downloads” version of Photoshop (well, my kid was getting her Masters).

Unluckily, Crashplan didn’t save my newest email backup, done just days before the explosion. Luckily, my second hard drive has it. Unluckily, I have no clue how to install said second drive. Luckily, #1 son has brilliant techie friend. Unluckily, until brilliant techie friend comes over, I can’t run on all cylinders.

At one point, this weekend, I had three other devices going at once, just so I could get all the important stuff on to the new computer.

I hate this. It’s been years since my last computer blew its lid, and I didn’t have a backup system in place. Tossing myself under a truck would have been less painful than experiencing that all over again. And while I’ve known my business computer was in its death throes, I turned a blind eye to it, hoping for a last gasp of life…at least until CrashPlan had a chance to back up my entire computer.

It wasn’t to be.

So until I have my extra hard drive installed, I’m working with one arm tied behind my back.

Luckily, I have copious amounts of alcohol and a beagle willing to ease my pain.

6 Responses to Computer blowout

  1. My sincerest sympathies – my computer died last week. Well, half died, so I suppose it’s a zombie. At least I have my files, even if they’re hard to get to.

    I’m STILL trying to get the new one in working shape, though.

    Best of luck to you in getting everything where it needs to be!

  2. Been there more than once — Tequila works wonders.

  3. Kelly says:

    This happened to me. Once. Then I got Carbonite. I can access my files from anywhere, and when I bought my new Preciousssss, it transferred all my files for me. Twas so sweet. Good luck…

  4. ludmilla bollow says:

    Lynn– I feel for you. It’s like another limb gone numb. But you’ll survive, as we all do. They’re wonderful to work with, such a loss when they leave. That’s when live friends are still valuable.
    Condolences – Ludmilla

  5. Well, the booze came in handy. Not only did I managed to bollocks my email program (Outlook) and had to uninstall and reinstall, but I managed to wipe clean my iPod.

    So much destruction in one day is more than my liver can take. Beagle…another round, please.

    Deb, I can only hope that I’m not messing with the troubles for a week…good luck to you.

    Ricchard, thanks for the offers of help, but I do have some peeps helping me. Even if it is more along the lines of, “Oh wow, good luck with that.”

    Kelly, so far, I wish we had stuck with Carbonite. It’s far more efficient and fast than CrashPlan.

    Ludmilla, you are so right. My fleshy friends are far more important and better able to keep me balanced. At least sober…

  6. Team Oyeniyi says:

    What a co-incidence. I know just how you feel. Sunday we were determined to finalise the last stage paperwork for my husband’s visa. We got waylaid at a friend’s palce an postponed to Monday night.

    I get up Monday morning and computer is making horrendouses noises. Arrgggggggggg – I try to get a backup but screen died.

    Luckily for me, I came home after work, took off the case, blew some compressed air everywhere, cleaned the vents and hey presto, working computer. Noise was one of the fans overheating, clearly. Computer couldn’t breathe!

    I instantly took a backup. Well, no, it wasn’t an instant task, but I took one straight away.

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