Julie Genovese…you so rock

We all have challenges in our lives – no one is immune. But consider the possibility of every day of your life as being nothing but a challenge. So it was for little person, Julie Genovese. Julie may only top the charts at 4’3″, but she has a bigger and stronger spirit than most, and I’m incredibly proud and honored to have published her fabulous book, NOTHING SHORT OF JOY.

I see so many people today who make it their goal to play the victim game, and it’s so refreshing to see someone say, “Ah screw that, I have better things to do with my life.” But she didn’t get to that point easily. She was taunted as a little girl, high school was painful, and her early adult life was achingly hard…until one day Julie decided this wasn’t any way to live. Victimhood is about perspective, just as joy is…and Julie’s perspective is as infectious as her delightful laugh. Apparently, ABC feels the same, and did a wonderful story on her. Then a UK site – Mail Online – picked up the story as well.

I think what comes through most of all in Julie’s book is the overall message of self-esteem. Without it, you’re only living half a life. Whether you’re a little person, overweight, or have a horn growing out your forehead, it’s what’s inside that makes you beautiful – and Julie touches that cord so well in her writing that you simply don’t have the space to hate yourself anymore. Wanna feel good about you and life? Pick up a copy of NOTHING SHORT OF JOY.

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