Support System

With my impending move to Pitts, I’m feeling a bit introspective. While I’m moving toward some exciting adventures, I’m also leaving a lot behind. My family, for one…which is a big ticket item for me, since they’ve always been my biggest supporters. Throughout an entire year of writing my first novel, my kids got used to seeing me as little more than a fixture in the dining room – one going so far as to threaten to start hanging a napkin on my head. The Darling Mr. Price was equally supportive, often taking the kids out so I could create mayhem brilliance in peace.

The support didn’t stop with my family. Mom and Dad have always been my biggest cheerleaders as well. They encouraged all us kids to be the best “us” we could be, doing whatever made us happy. If we loved what we were doing, then we’d never regard our jobs as the old ball and chain.

I never stopped to consider how valuable that support system was until I talked to several authors who have no support system. They write in secret or have to sneak it in when their families are at school and work. There is no one to share the insanity of being a slave to a story that’s burning in their heart, or to bounce ideas off of. I can’t imagine a lonelier fate.

We aren’t islands, and we need the benefit of someone who will clap uproariously at our attempts at creativity and support our innate need to spin something fabulous out of thin air. Take a look at any book…you’ll see the author’s Acknowledgement page filled with thanks to people who helped the author fulfill their dream.

Moving away from everything I’ve known for the past 33 years is a lot like writing a new book. It’s entering a state of the unknown, and I have no idea if I’ll succeed or curl up and spontaneously combust under the weight of missing my family and my parents. But I can always bathe in the luxury that no matter how far away they are, they always have my back.

And that’s what it’s all about, right? Knowing that no matter how much the day’s writing may suck, there’s someone who gives you the incentive to dust yourself off and begin anew.

How about you? Do you have a support system, and how have they gotten you through the rough patches of character development, pacing, plot structure, voice…and all the other writerly nightmares that invade our dreams?

6 Responses to Support System

  1. talklady says:

    your blog is a support system, babe – keep it up!

  2. Awww…now I’m blushing

  3. stephanieberget says:

    My husband has been my greatest support system. When my writing really sucked, he encouraged me, telling me he loved what I’d written and giving me time to get better. Good luck in your new endeavor.

  4. tbrosz says:

    My wonderful wife is the front line of my support system. She’s encouraged me through some rough times, and is also my main beta reader. The rest of my family, including my parents, two kids, and many others, are right behind her. I’ve been very lucky.

  5. Ruth Dupré says:

    My immediate family has been awesome, especially my husband who’s allowed me to drag him halfway around the world for research. And the subject of my book, who lives halfway around the world (thus the research)– I’m gobsmacked by the support he’s given. He and his family have been amazing.

  6. Lauren says:

    Southern California just won’t be the same without you, Lynn, but as a previous poster noted we’ll all still meet together here.

    My support system isn’t much at the moment, alas, but I know how important it is to have it. Hopefully, it will return and I will have the same joys you have now.

    Best of luck.

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