9-11 We Should Never Forget

I have posted this video every year since our nation’s greatest tragedy at the hands of Muslim extremists.

If we fail to stop honoring those thousands of voices who were snuffed out in a twisted commitment to cowardice, then we’re doomed to repeat the process.

I say never again.

5 Responses to 9-11 We Should Never Forget

  1. Thanks, Lynn. Sometimes, we get the idea that folks on the Coast may have moved on when it comes to this date. Last night, I switched off the TV after a commercial for a new Barbie Movie: the Princess and the whatever came on announcing September 11 as its release date on DVD. My son in law is a NYC fireman who worked in the pile for more than 40 days. His brother was missing for three after they found his Fire truck, Engine 55 flattened under the debris. He is ok, but none of us will ever forget where we were that bright morning.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Richard. I’m appalled at how so many have “moved on.” For me, there is no “moving on.” How can we ever deny, let alone forget, that we were viciously attacked by lunatics, who will absolutely do this again, if given the opportunity.

  3. Special prayers are said this day when I remember those who needlessly died. I never forget. America shouldn’t either.

  4. Thank you for posting this. It is amazing and never gets old. I can’t imagine anyone who lived through September 11 forgetting or moving on.

  5. D. D. Syrdal says:

    The general public has always had a short memory. The horror of that day is never far from my mind, and I didn’t even know anyone killed there.

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