Meh. Thanks, loads, WordPress

I had a terrific post about Tone. Spent over an hour writing it. Saved it. And thanks to WordPress, it’s gone. PoOf. I’m too exhausted to re-create it. I’ll be brilliant tomorrow. Today, I’m going to have a dark cloud over my head, thinking rotten thoughts about WordPress.

6 Responses to Meh. Thanks, loads, WordPress

  1. Anita Neuman says:

    That sucks! I always write in Word and then copy/paste to wordpress. Now I’m glad I do that!

  2. Frank Mazur says:

    Yet another example of “Life’s a bitch!”

  3. The “tone” of your blog said much. I think I even heard the Beagle’s tone groaning too.

  4. More like uncontrolled sobs of frustration.

  5. tbrosz says:

    Weird. My blog uses WordPress, and it constantly saves as I write. I also hit the “save draft” button. Are you sure you don’t have the post sitting in your “Posts” file labeled as a draft?

  6. I know it saves. I’d saved it numerous times while writing it because I’ve had WordPress eat other posts. I saved it, then wanted to see it in the Preview. A popup I’ve never seen before made me worry that some cyber gremlin had attacked me in the saving process.

    Sure ‘nuf, I went back to my Drafts, and it was gone, with the exception of the first original lines I’d written days before. I’ll rewrite it eventually, but I’m too irritated and exhausted to consider it right now. Grr. I’ll write in Word from now on because I don’t trust WP.

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