When Computers Die…

dead computer

…they don’t go to Heaven, like dogs do. They go straight to hell because their owners must endure the blowback. Luckily, all my files were saved on CrashPlan (every computer user’s bestest buddy), but I somehow managed to muck up my email backup.

I knew my computer was trying to die (the bitch), and she warned me by refusing to go online or work the keyboard. I dutifully backed up my email and proceeded to mislabel it with the wrong date. A techie guy got my computer online one last time, so I could nab my email backup and stick it in Dropbox (another best friend to any computer user). I got down to my laptop…and that’s where things get a bit fuzzy. In short, I can’t find the damn email backup file.

I took my blown out hard drive to techie land, so they could rescue the file. As luck would have it, they can’t get the hard drive to work. Great. So now I’m missing a lot of emails, which are the life blood of my job. I’m currently nabbing an older email backup, but it’s still missing a few month’s worth of emails.

If you or your agent queried me and you haven’t heard back, please email me again. I’ve lost all my open submissions. And yes, I could cry giant croc tears because in the last six months, I’ve had two major computer blow-outs, and I’ve lost my sense of humor.

Too early to start mainlining cheap tequila?

4 Responses to When Computers Die…

  1. Julie Rowe says:

    I’ve had a couple of computers die on me. It’s a horrible feeling. I use dropbox to be sure I don’t lose what I’m working on. I’ll have to check out CrashPlan. 🙂

  2. zanmariess says:

    When computers die…you thank God for dropbox. ; )
    I do hope all those agents and writers get back to you.

  3. Lyn Davis says:

    OMG! I’ve been where you are and don’t relish the recovery time for you. Blessings on your replacement computer/server. May you retrieve all you need.

  4. Been there. I feel your pain. I once lost a whole manuscript, and at that time, it was either the bottle of a shrink! Onwards!

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