Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Melissa Haynes, author of LEARNING TO PLAY WITH A LION’S TESTICLES, wrote a wonderful article in Hello Vancity, a popular social media magazine in Vancouver about the 7 steps of skipping out of your comfort zone. Huzzah to that. While it’s probably lots easier and safer to stay put, we can’t really grow. Escaping our comfort zone is where real living happens because we’re daring to do something different, along with accepting all the consequences of those actions. Yah, it can be scary, but as Melissa says, a life of trying is better than a life of regrets.

Shoulda, coulda, woulda is a terrible way to look back on your life.

And this is why I honor all you writerly beings out there. You stepped outside the safety net of your normal life and made a conscious decision to do something different – write a book. And because of that decision, you opened new doors to a whole different world of writers, conferences, writing classes, agents, editors, new friends…the list is endless.

Stepping outside our comfort zone can be a huge thing or baby steps. Whatever choices you make, embrace the fact that you decided to greet a new day doing something new, which can be hard for you. As Melissa says in her article, there is no perfect time to lean into the uncomfortable, the new, the downright scary – but something in your life has become a catalyst for change, and now it’s time to embrace the new experience with the intent of learning and improving. Bravo!

For Melissa, life met her like a speeding train when she went to South Africa to work on an animal reserve. She thought she was saving the animals with a handsome, barely tolerable game warden. Hah. An excellent summer read for those who have loved and lost, delayed their mourning, and harbor a secret desire to do something really, really insane. Go. Buy. Read. Be brilliant!

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