“Can’t you see I’m writing here??”


I adore the show Castle. I have about a billion shows on my DVR, so I have a fallback when regular TV lets me down (which is often). So last night’s program has Castle getting the “what, why for?” from his daughter and mother. They’d told him all kinds of things that he apparently forgot. His comeback: “Was I writing?”

Ahhh hahahahahaha.

Who of us hasn’t had this happen? Life happens around you, yet you have no memory of it because your nose was buried in your writing (or editing) ? I’ve apparently had complete conversations with my kids that are a total blank. There’s a probability they’re taking advantage of my altered state and making stuff up…which totally wouldn’t surprise me, clever things that they are.

It got so bad that I finally had to declare to anyone within fifty feet of my desk that when I’m either writing or editing, I get a free get out of jail pass. I’m not responsible for anything I may have said while doing either of those jobs…unless it makes complete sense, of course.

Writers, save yourselves. Take control of your independence and save hours of wondering whether you’ve lost your mind. Wait. We’re writers…of course we’ve lost our minds, but I digress. Make your computer a Safety Zone, and anything you say while you’re sitting at your desk creating great tomes of brilliance isn’t  your responsibility.

So the next time little Johnny comes in with a bleedy head wound, remarking that he’s feeling a bit woozy, you have the authority to shout, “HEY!  I’m writin’ here!! Go talk to the dog.”

2 Responses to “Can’t you see I’m writing here??”

  1. ericjbaker says:

    My brain is often two sentences ahead of my fingers, but it doesn’t take much to blow those thoughts away like dust. I’ve been called “mean” and worse by people who barge in on me and start talking when I am at the computer.

  2. I love “Castle” too. Thanks for sharing. I read all of your postings.

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