Amanda Adams’ HEART WARRIORS Rocks!

Heart Warriors High ResHuge congrats are in order for Amanda Adams and her win of a Cammy Maximus Award from Colorado State University for her amazing book HEART WARRIORS. They hand out a number of awards, but the Cammy Maximus is the granddaddy, and is described thusly:

Evidence of long-term, distinguished series or over-the-top single entry quality.  Demonstrates outstanding technical quality, depth of effort and recognition on a regional or national scale, with superb storytelling quality.

This is HEART WARRIORS to a tee. Amanda is a tireless advocate for childhood congenital heart disease, and puts a face on how this affects not only the child, but the entire family. HEART WARRIORS is a no-holds-barred emotional ride of a young mother faced with suggestions from her doctors that she abort her baby because chances were that the baby would die immediately after birth.

Well, Amanda told ’em all to go to hell, and Liam is the beautiful, vibrant little bug who has braved countless surgeries with a brave smile and irrepressible spirit. But it hasn’t been all butterflies and rainbows, and Amanda’s book is the first book to give permission for family members not to shy away from their emotions – which vary as much as the wind.

The resource guide at the back of the book is jam-packed with “gotta have” tomes of wisdom that vary from “Supplies for the Battlefield,” to “Tactical Guide for Civilians on the Home Front,” to “The Final Word About Raising a Heart Warrior.” Oh…and Chapter 41? Ooh my, it’s a MUST READ.

In a word, HEART WARRIORS is the go to book for families, relatives, and friends of families who find themselves touched by CHD, and I’m thrilled to pieces that Colorado State University feels the same way by bestowing their Cammy Maximus Award to Amanda.

Amanda, you rock.

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