Get ’em while they’re hot, kiddies. Amazon has two of our wonderful titles on special:

girlbeatyou-smYOU LET SOME GIRL BEAT YOU? by Ann Meyers Drysdale – $2.99 WoOt!!

I adore Annie’s story because she never let public opinion sway her passion for sports. Whenever I’m feeling down on myself, I pick up my tattered copy and draw strength. Looking for a great pick-me-up written by one of the loveliest people evah? Click on the da link. You won’t be sorry.




jan-storyJAN’S STORY by Barry Petersen – $3.99 WoOt!

Early Onset Alzheimer’s steals the mind and leaves the body intact. CBS journalist Barry Petersen wrote an eloquent story about the love of his life, Jan, and her slow downward spiral – leaving him behind. The problem with Early Onset is that the people left behind are still young. Vital. Barry broaches a controversial topic that, frankly, needs discussing. It’s the reality of needing to be loved, to feel someone’s arms around you while you’re held hostage to one of the cruelest diseases. Barry opens this tough debate with honesty and clarity that sometimes the idea of “family” takes on a less traditional role. Can’t recommend this book enough.

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