Love Me New Authors-Hello, Kristin Adams!

2016-02-08 08.58.38

Sorels = Snowing

I love wearing my Sorels because it means it’s snowing outside. Being a native Californian, I haven’t lost my press-my-nose-against-the-window excitement when the white stuff comes tumbling down. When it’s snowing outside, it means that I’m editing with a song in my heart – because there’s nothing better to me than hunkering down in my Batcave, candles lit, space heater a-blowin’, and me with my bloody red editing pen all fired up. It’s my personal Nirvana.


So what am I working on (me and my Sorels)? A beautiful new manuscript written by Seattle author, Kristin Adams, called FRIGHTFUL: The Incredible Bond Between an Autistic Boy and His Chicken.

But wait, this book has more amazing twists than Lombard Street. Alex is deathly ill and he can’t properly communicate to doctors to tell anyone what’s going inside his tortured body. Only Frightful can fill the void, and it’s this inconceivable friendship that helps doctors understand what’s going on and how to successfully treat Alex.

This dramatic survival narrative blew my doors off because it’s such a race against time to keep this precious boy from dying…and it all rests on Frightful’s feathery shoulders.

You’re gonna hafta wait until November to read this fascinating story, but you can check it out (and put it on your MUST READ list) here on our website.

So that’s what my cold and snowy day is all about. How’s your day going?


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