What Goes On in the Background…

You no spamma me...got it?

…isn’t always pretty, and it can make me a bit snarly.

A literary agent with whom I’ve never done business queried me on behalf of her author client. I had a couple questions, so I picked up the phone to call the number she had listed on the book proposal. All I got was a fast busy signal. So I looked up the agency site and called the number. Their voicemail box was full, so I can’t leave a message. This was over a week ago.

She hasn’t answered my email, either. So I don’t have much choice but to delete this potentially wonderful book from my Submissions folder.

Who’s the loser in this drama? The author.

Please, dear writers, before you sign a contract with anyone, RESEARCH. There are so many writing sites with forums dedicated to the classic, “What have you heard?” Don’t let the excitement of saying, “I have an agent!” cloud your judgement as whether they’ll actually do a good job for you.

I have no use for an agent I can’t contact, and my heart breaks for the author because the potential is quite huge.

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