The Scream Series: – #1 “I’m new!”

I wrote The Scream Series to highlight experiences I’ve had over the years that frustrate the bejabbers out of me…and it’s not because I’m being put out (well okay, that’s part of it), but because authors are adversely affected (which I think is criminal). Be it through an author’s own lack of understanding or someone else who screws up the publishing works; it’s important for authors to know the pitfalls and downfalls. I want authors to be successful. Let the screaming begin:

Scream #1 – “I’m New

Using the excuse, “I’m new,” gets you no sympathy from me because too many people try to equate being new with being uninformed – and that’s plain wrong. To apologize for a huge blunder by using the “I’m new” excuse is telling me that you’re too lazy to be informed about this industry before dipping your big toe into the publishy waters. Well guess what? You’re dealing with thousands of others who are informed, so where do you think you’ll rate?

This is especially egregious when you’re an agent and you hold your clients’ careers in your hands. Just because you’re new doesn’t mean you don’t read a publisher’s website (how else do you know if they’re a fit for your client?) and find out all the niggly information we tend to stick in there…like minimum word counts and types of works we’re looking for. Your author-clients deserve so much better…and this excuse really twists my Victoria Secrets.

I mean, really! Doesn’t your agency train you? The good ones certainly do.

And the worst of all is that those poorly-represented authors will never know. Or it’ll take a long time for them to figure it out.

Shall we all scream together?


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