The Scream Series – #4: “I have no competition”

I wrote The Scream Series to highlight experiences I’ve had over the years that frustrate the bejabbers out of me…and it’s not because I’m being put out (well okay, that’s part of it), but because authors are adversely affected (which I think is criminal). Be it through an author’s own lack of understanding or someone else who screws up the publishing works; it’s important for authors to know the pitfalls and downfalls. I want authors to be successful. Let the screaming begin:

Scream #4 – “I have no competition”

Yes you do. Any author who tries telling me this in their query is like waving a red flag to a bull. This is a twisted challenge that I accept with glee, because there is no such thing as not having a comparative titles. There are extremely unique books, but there is always something it can be compared to…and I can usually find it within five minutes.

And why do I care? Because I have to pitch our upcoming releases to the marketing and sales teams, and they will scream as loudly as I do.

Why do they scream? Because they’re tasked with pitching to their accounts, and the first thing store managers and genre buyers ask is, “What’s this book’s competition?”

Why do they care? Because they make recommendations to their customers, and it’s a lot more expedient to say, “This book is reminscient of Wild.” Boom. In two seconds, the customer has a clear idea of the book.

If you tell me your book has no comps, I know that you’re a noob (see earlier definition). I avoid noobs like I avoid calories.


One Response to The Scream Series – #4: “I have no competition”

  1. Wayne says:

    MARION KEISKER (Sun Records): “Who do you sound like?”
    ELVIS: “I don’t sound like nobody.”

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