This is a departure from writerly stuff in order to honor the unsung heroes and heroines of Behler…our bebeh rescues. I’ll admit their filing skills suck. They’re undependable when answering the phones – even when they promise they’ll do better. And when Brown comes with a delivery of books…oh, what an ugly scene. Then again, everyone hates Brown.

So their abilities in the office remain a work in progress, but the joy they give to the Price Batcave far outweigh their secretarial shortcomings. Yes, they sleep under the covers on our bed, and they hog the TV remote…and they insist on lounging underneath blankets I’m in the process of crocheting. But they’re always there to share in the joy of having a wonderful new book published, licking my face over a fabulous book review – and asking for a tidbit (knowing full well they’ve got me at a weak moment).

In short, they make our lives better, richer, fuller. Seeing their unbridled joy at chasing the socks off some hapless squirrel (who always gets away) reminds me to slow down and smell the roses; take notice of the small things in life and breathe them in. Watching them curl up with each other and catch a snooze reminds me that sharing hugs with people you love is medicinal (and will give me whiter teeth and lovely skin). Watching them inhale their food reminds me that I need to slow down and really taste and appreciate a good meal.

Am I better editor because of my Rescues? Probably not. I rock regardless (if I do say so myself!). But am I better person because of my Rescues? Abso-freaking-lutely.

If you love fur-bebehs, rescue an innocent life. They didn’t ask to be born and then abandoned by circumstances beyond their control. Their one purpose is to give love and affection…and thank the loving person who set eyes on them and said, “Yep, that one is coming home with me.” Or in our case, two. No, actually…three, since we now have the California Rescue as well.

Okay, back to our regularly schedule literary insanity…

Peace and love,
The Rescue Beagles

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