Happy Launch Day, Kristin Jarvis Adams!

Today is the magic day that THE CHICKEN WHO SAVED US is officially launched to the world. Many have actually already read this amazing story and couldn’t put it down. And with good reason. How many stories do we hear about a young man who’s autistic, and instead of adopting the usual puppy or cat, chooses an Araucana chicken to be his best friend?

But it doesn’t stop there. Andrew and Frightful had a bond that surpassed the usual channels of friendship. Frightful was Andrews mouthpiece when he was frightened of a world that was too loud, too fast, too confusing to handle. And when Andrew’s life was hanging by a string, it was Frightful who became the beacon of light for the entire family.

I’ve never laughed and cried and cheered so much during the editing process. I’ve read this manuscript a million times, and I still tear up and giggle like an idiot because, yah, that’s how charming and engaging and visual Kristin’s writing is. This is a story of heroics on so many levels that I found myself wanting to don a cape and paint a red A and F on my forehead.

Here is the press release:

A few words whispered by an autistic boy to a chicken may have ultimately saved his life.

When Kristin Adams heard her eight-year-old son, Andrew, talking to his pet chicken, it was nothing out of the ordinary. Many people with autism have a special ability to relate to animals, and Andrew and the chicken he named Frightful were best friends. But what Andrew said to his chicken one day stunned Adams.

“I think my body is trying to kill me,” he told Frightful.

That confession, from a boy to his chicken, catapulted Andrew’s family and medical community into action: To discover and destroy the unseen monster that was claiming his life—a disease so painful and obscure that his medical team had no idea how to treat it.

 This beautiful, fierce, and refreshingly honest memoir takes readers on a mother’s journey through the complex landscape of modern medicine to discover the healing bond between a boy and Frightful, the chicken who saves them all.

Autism affects 1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls, leaving a staggering number of families to navigate this mysterious inner world. Andrew’s incredible relationship with Frightful highlights the current research that demonstrates how significant the human/animal bond is in aiding children and adults with disabilities. Through the love of a chicken and the heroics of doctors worldwide, Andrew developed the will to live and a desire to fight for a life he had never known: a life without pain.

Huge congrats, Kristin. You rock.

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