Foreign rights deal – Tackle Box eats fish and chips

March 2, 2010

[Slipping into Brit mode] I’m really quite chuffed to announce the UK foreign rights deal for Tackle Box to Emma Barnes at Snowbooks. I really have Jane Smith to blame for all this – and yes, I’ll be sending her a suitcase filled with chocolate and margaritas – and the beagle, if she doesn’t settle down and start answering the phone.

See, I made the happy blunder of telling Jane that I was looking to find a UK publisher for TB because demand was so high over there due to my association with Litopia and our Behler blog. Jane, behind my back, mind you, talked to her bud Emma Barnes at Snowbooks and suggested that Em might like TB. Jane then emailed me back and told me what she’d done and to send Em my pdf post haste. That darling little rascal.

Emma, the brilliant businesswoman with impeccable taste, decided Jane was right, and a deal was forged.

I love the idea of Snowbooks  – a great indie trade press – handling my book rather than a large publisher because I know Em’s established relationships with bookstores gets her books stocked on store shelves. Because of that relationship, they will be far more likely to recommend TB over other books that don’t discuss the same topics.

In a Giant Box world of Costco and Wal-Mart, where individual customer service is a lost art, I rather like the notion of getting back to lost basics where the personal touch and quality far outweighs quantity.

So thanks, Em, for believing in TB. As for Jane, well…if I could send kisses, I would.

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