The Beagle has been busy – I Can Haz Purse

January 6, 2012

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For all of you who ordered the Comma Sutra and Writer’s Clock purses, the beagle wants you to know that she has glue where a lady shouldn’t have glue. She always was an ingrate.

I, however, thank all of you and hope you enjoy your new purses and draw LOTS of attention. After all, is that what writers aspire to?

For the writers in your life…

December 14, 2011

The beagle has added a new purse to her I Can Haz Purse repertoire. Actually, she has a whole bunch of them, which we need to add to the site…if she’d ever get off her butt and make a site, that is. Anyhoo, we’ve had a big reaction to the Writer’s Clock purse she designed, so she’s offering it for $40 (large size only).

We don’t have a model done yet (she’s working on it now), but here’s the graphic. Yes, yes, we all realize there should be more time for drinking heavily, but writers are busy and have much to do!


All orders should be sent to the beagle’s email – – with your order and contact info. The beagle will finish her margarita and contact you!

I Can Haz Purse Contest

June 21, 2011

I haven’t forgotten the Name the Beagle’s New Company Contest. I’ve just been snowed under with greasy new hips, recovering, and catching up with all the email that piled up while I was la-dee-da’ing in the hospital. There are so many great names that the beagle has been laughing like a hyena stoned on bad gin.

I promise…the winner will be announced. Soon. Really.

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