“I can’t afford to be choosy.”

March 18, 2013

i hate that

Argh. It happened again. I was reading some author comments on a blog, and a couple of them mentioned that they were debut authors and, therefore, couldn’t afford to be choosy about their publishing choices.


If you take a look at Publisher’s Marketplace…and authors should belong to this site…you’ll see all the debut author deals. Debut authors are getting book deals every day – with solid publishers – so why on earth would you sell yourself short?

New doesn’t mean unworthy, and it hurts my heart that any author would believe this. New simply means new, and you owe it to yourself to be choosy. But before anything, you owe it to yourself to understand the industry in order to direct your literary career in a manner that will enhance your success.

Is your writing shoddy? If it is, then your best gift is to not publish at all. Worst of all, going with a remedial publisher won’t get you noticed, and it won’t get your foot in the door as a “published” author. All this will accomplish is that the book you worked so hard on will find a fast exit into Nowheresville. ‘Tis better to be unpublished than published badly.

Do you feel unworthy? If so, why?

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