June is Hot Month for Behler E-Book Deals!

June 11, 2014

Amazon has chosen four of our titles for June Deals. WoOt. We all love a good deal on books, right? These are for e-book versions only

June 13- 28, pick up these two e-books for $3.99:

TesticlesA wonderful travelogue about the wonderful animals of South Africa…and one two-legged creature who makes life interesting for author, Melissa Haynes. Click here for Amazon link.





pulse-smA beautiful love story by husband and wife team, Brian and Patty O’Mara-Croft. Life goes to hell when Patty suffers a “widowmaker” heart attack, but Brian’s love and devotion keeps them laughing and sharing uncommon honesty – while bringing two blended families together. Click here for Amazon link.




June 18 ONLY…Amazon price of $1.99

heart-warriors-smAmanda Adams’ book is the bible for anyone who needs to know about Congenital Heart Disease. Her son, Liam, had his first of countless surgeries as a newborn. Now, at the age of 12, his chest is lined with scars, and Amanda has been at the forefront of CHD legislation, fundraisers, and counseling in order to educate friends and family. Beautifully and honest; includes a fabulous Field Guide on all things CHD. A must-read.

Click here for Amazon link.


June 25 ONLY…Amazon price of $1.99

Charting front coverOh, how I adore this wonderful story by Kim Petersen. She and her family did what I’ve threatened to do any number of times – only I’m a big chicken…she chucked it all, sold the house, built a boat, and sailed the world. With. Her. Kids. Now, that, alone, would stop me in my tracks. Teenagers? Nuh uh. No. Way.

But Kim gets the education of a lifetime out on the water, depending on her family, and learns a whole lot about herself along the way. Fabulous travelogue, summer read, good time.

Click here for Amazon link.


So mark your calendars, and pick up any of these four books…or all of them! Happy summer reading!

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