To submit to Get It Write Publishing, click here for guidelines.

…failure to comply could result in bloating, hangnails, thinning hair, a sudden compunction to howl at the moon…and rejection; instant, sudden death rejection – and I don’t care what the priest says.

Include in your query:

  1. Query letter in the body of your email
  2. Book proposal (Word attachment – do not put it in the body of your email)

Nonfiction/Memoir/Biography/Self Help: Our books tap into how people are influenced and changed by their experiences.The first thing I look for is what readers will come away thinking and feeling after finishing one of our books. How will reading our books make them a better, smarter, thoughtful person? That’s the kind of stuff we publish.

A Word About Memoirs/Biographies/Self Help: I must warn you that unless your subject is well known, the subject matter must hit on a very relevant issue that is unique to anything else on the market. This means that you’ve researched your particular subject and know the unique qualities and marketability of your work. For example, if I see another woman-gets-divorced-makes-a-new-life story, I promise to scream until my tonsils explode.

Know your competition – this is done by being very well-read in your genre/category. You also need to point out the socially relevant qualities of your work. I’m about as immovable on the subject as my beagle after a margarita.

Word count: Anything over 100,000 words and under 50,000 words, is too high or too low and I will reject accordingly. And in the words of Forrest Gump, that’s all I have to say about that.

Book Proposal: Include your book proposal. This includes information I need in order to know if your work is right for us. If you haven’t written a book proposal and makes you break out in hives, go here for help.

If I see anything OTHER than nonfiction, I’ll give it to the Rescue Beagles to rip and shred. I will not mail or email you back. I’m cranky that way. COMPLETED MANUSCRIPTS ONLY. DO NOT INCLUDE PHOTOGRAPHS! If your manuscript is only partially done, I will politely invite you to complete it and re-submit.

Lastly: We do not accept previously published books.

E-Query ONLY!

Please do not snail mail your query. The Rescue Beagles will eat them.

Lynn Price: acquisitions@behlerpublications.com

Please be advised: there are times when I comment on query letters as a way of helping you improve your pitch. If you have an overinflated ego, believe your writing originates from the hands of the Great Cosmic Muffin, or are just plain ill-tempered, please state this at the top of your query, and I will allow you to stab about like a blind man trying to fork a pea.

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