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The Query
It’s an understatement that writing a query letter is one of the hardest things an author does because you have to condense your story into a few paragraphs AND include a small bio. A query IS NOT a rundown of events.

Your query should consist of:

  1. Your main characters
  2. Their conflict/dilemma – I’m talking personal conflict, and it has to be something big. Stubbing one’s toe is not a dilemma.
  3. The choices facing the main character – what will happen based on the decisions they make?

To help ease the angst a bit, here is a link to a sample query that details the elements we need to see.

Click here for a sample query.

The Synopsis
Yet another Maalox moment. We’re not looking for cute or clever. We need the details of your story – including the ending. Please don’t be coy with this. I cringe when I see, “And does Janie find her  long lost dog? Read the manuscript and find out!”

Pah. I invariably get annoyed and dump it because savvy writers know better. And I want to work with savvy writers. There are certain elements that we need to see in a synopsis, and it’s all too easy to add unneeded and unimportant information. This is truly a case of KISS (keep it simple, sweetie – yes, I’m aware that it’s not “sweetie,” but  “stupid,” but that’s not a very nice thing to say, and my mother would be cross with me)

Relax, help is as far as a click.
Click here for a sample synopsis.

Stop! Got Voice?
Go get some here.

Think you hit a home run in your query?
Find out here.

The Death of a Manuscript
Hey…psst…wanna know how manuscripts die even though the stories may be wunnerful? Visit the Submission Autopsy Series:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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