Welcome to the madness, Kim Kircher

Another brave soul has joined our ranks with her fabulous book, The Next Fifteen Minutes, and I couldn’t be happier if I were twins. This makes the FOURTH Kim we have in our lineup of merry authors. I seem to be collecting them. Are all Kims brilliant writers? At this point I’m inclined to say yes .

I had the pleasure of meeting Kim at the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Conference in Seattle this past July when she blew my doors off at her pitch session. Actually, she blew the doors off several agents and editors. I felt an instant connection to Kim and her story. I mean, hello…look at her. You’d never know she has a license to toss dynamite out of helicopters to prevent avalanches, or that she’s a decorated ski patrol woman and an EMT. This woman lives for adrenaline rushes like the beagle lives for good tequila.

All that, and she was put in a position of powerlessness when her husband lay dying with bile duct cancer. Can you imagine anything worse than being a take-charge person and forced into submission while doctors decide whether your husband will live or die? People like Kim aren’t hard-wired that way. They take action.

Kim’s story appealed to me because so many of us feel powerless when confronted with events beyond our control. Instead, Kim falls back on her training and experiences in order to maintain the strength needed to help her husband – and her sanity.

I drew inspiration from Kim’s take charge outlook and daring. It’s when things get tough that we dig deep within our psyche – the raw elements that define us – and draw upon that inner power to overcome anything, whether it’s tossing bombs into snowbanks, taking an injured skier down a steep slope, or saving your husband’s life. And heck…that’s what we’re all about, right?

So welcome, Kim #4 – damn glad to have you!

7 Responses to Welcome to the madness, Kim Kircher

  1. […] summer I met Lynn Price at the PNWA Writer’s Conference, and immediately knew I wanted to be a part of her team. […]

  2. kimkircher says:

    Thank you for the gracious introduction. I’m thrilled to be a part of your team, and I look forward to the months ahead. Yeehaw!

  3. Chris says:

    Hey Kim, I guess i’m actually allowed to say this now. Welcome to the family. I’m the black sheep…get it? 🙂

  4. Sounds like a book that I need to read! Can’t wait! What a great story! congratulations to Kim!

  5. Sharon A Rice says:

    Lynn and Kim, I knew when I was hanging out with the both of the you at the PNWA that you’d make a great team. I am so excited the book is moving to publication. Congrats!

  6. Yeh, I’m so happy for you both. Can’t wait to read it and help promote it in my neck of the woods. Congratulations!

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