Saving lives, one woman at a time

It’s not often that you get to see the person behind the book, but that’s not the case with our author Chris Baughman. He was on Las Vegas news last night when a reporter did a story on what Chris and his Pit Investigative Team are doing to cripple prostitution…they’re going after the pimps, who live amazingly opulent lives from the labors of their girls.

This isn’t a story you should walk away from – that this would never happen to you or someone you know and love. Chris reveals how insidious these pimps are. They never tell their new girlfriends what they do. It’s not until the girl makes an emotional commitment to the guy that he tells her what he expects her to do. If she doesn’t, she is often seriously beaten and threatened.

Chris has files upon files of women he has saved who were forced into slavery, all their money taken from them, and their “boyfriends” buying cars, furs, jewelery…for themselves. If the women try to leave, they are severely beaten and sometimes taken out into the desert and killed – a very public warning to other women who may try to leave.

Chris and his revolutionary team are out there fighting the good fight, saving women from beatings and death. These are your daughters, your friends, mothers, and aunts.

If there is one thing to smile at, it’s the reporter. In her dialog with the news anchor, she mentioned Chris’ book and held it up. She did a very quick flash and put it down – and didn’t mention the title. Now most people would be bummed with such an offhand move. But she had to do this because we changed the cover art and title, and she didn’t want to confuse anyone. Bless her little microphone.

Prostitution is not a victimless crime, and this report shows exactly who suffers the most. Click on the link. Watch it. And when Off the Street hits the stands in September….buy it!

4 Responses to Saving lives, one woman at a time

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    I’ve often thought that there might be a way to legalize some kinds of prostitution and regulate them properly, so that this kind of crap does not happen.

    When I say some kinds, I mean properly done brothels in appropriate locations (next to night clubs NOT across the street from high schools…yes, there was a ‘massage parlor’ across the street from my high schools) and high end escort services.

    Not streetwalking. And obviously, this kind of crap…some of these guys deserve to get ganged up on and their asses kicked six ways to Sunday by their own girls.

  2. Lauren says:

    It’s going to be on my bookshelf, Lynn, and I hope Chris is able to spread his word and work beyond Las Vegas.

  3. Chris says:

    Ninja, its time for me to take you to school my friend.
    I’m going to introduce two points.
    1. “Legal Brothels”, once again another misconception. Would you be surprised to know that these “Legal Brothels” are more often than not used by Pimps as a training ground for the women they pander. Its true. Pimps would just as soon put a woman in a brothel as they would put her on the street. And they do.
    2. If we thought to “legalize” it we would be opening up the flood gates for human traffickers all over the world to invade our cities and country. If our goal as a nation is tax slaverey, well, then I suppose legalization and regulation, is a brilliant model. But let me just throw out something for you to ponder. If we legalize it, we are basically making the entier industry safer for the “Johns”, the people who buy these victims, as well as the pimps who control them. But once the girls leave the brothels and return home to the pimps who will still be behind the scenes forcing them into these places, who regulates the abuse at home? I can tell you, Pimps have already infiltrated strip clubs, it would be foolish to think they arent sending abused women into “Legal Brothels”. Trust me, they have a strong foothold there as well.
    Alright Ninja…class is over. Thanks for visiting.

  4. NinjaFingers says:

    Which is why I added the caveat of ‘If it could be done in a way that stops this crap’. Believe me, I want it stopped as much as you do. But I’d ask this: How do you stamp out prostitution when it’s likely as old as homo sapiens, possibly older? Many societies have tried. None have ever succeeded. These abuses, yes, need to STOP. But I don’t think the ‘institution’ itself can be destroyed. Call me a cynic…

    That said, I’m interested in your book and maybe if this new freelance client works out and I actually have free cash I’ll order a copy.

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