What are you doing this Thursday? Listening to Chris Baughman, I hope

TRAFFICKED on Here Women Talk Radio this Thursday at 1:00 PM Eastern/ 10 AM Pacific –
Chris Baughman and his book Off the Street

click here to listen. Listen by phone at 646-652-2071 or 1-877-500 ZEUS (9387)

Author and Las Vegas Pandering Investigative Team ( PIT) Detective Christopher Baughman writes about the case against a pimp named Anthony Smith, vividly brought to life in Off the Street, which led to the PIT unit’s creation in 2009. Less than a year later, Baughman’s team had arrested and convicted several of the wealthiest and most violent criminals in the city, propelling the team into the national spotlight with several segments on “Dateline NBC.” The team also served as consultants for an episode of the CBS drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Baughman and the PIT team draw cooperation from city, state and federal law enforcement offices, cracking down on those who abuse women and force them to lead a life of prostitution. His painstaking investigations for the vice unit have even resulted in the arrest of his own former high school classmates.


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