I know where I’m gonna be…

We are bugging out of town early Thursday morning to go here:

And yes, I’m leaving the beagle at home. Last time we took her on a road trip, we had to post bail and pay off the newspapers. I seem to remember a Dalmation was scandalized as well. Ah, good times.

So if you’re in Las Vegas, come on over and meet a wonderful man, Chris Baughman, and pick up a copy of his fabulous book, Off the Street. We’ll even let you make a crank call to the beagle.

3 Responses to I know where I’m gonna be…

  1. Ludmilla Bollow says:

    I love Las Vegas! What a wonderful spot to have a book launch. Hey, if they lost at the tables, they can win with this book. Keep those bright lights twinkling and the cash register chinking.

    Just come back a winner! Ludmilla

  2. We will, Ludmilla. Chris was just interviewed on TV, and we missed it by a hair, dang it. He’s being interviewed again by another station, so we hope to see that one.

  3. Cathie Puig says:

    I attended the Las Vegas book launch with the pleasure of meeting Det. Chris Baughman. He was most gracious in signing and visiting with all that attended. I applaud the accomplishments of his PIT team. I’m a crisis advocate for a women’s shelter his book in educating the public on this subject is a great gift to humanity.

    Love Does Liberate.

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