You just can’t have too many editors…

This project is huge…Google, for instance, invested $166 million. This website was approved from the highest of the high. Pity that $166 million didn’t get them a copy editor. They will forever be known to me as Goggle.

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One Response to You just can’t have too many editors…

  1. Frank Mazur says:

    “Sh_t happens.” While working for a small ad agency, I developed an ad for the BICERA Explosion Relief Valve. The ad was to run first as a full page in Thomas Register whose pages are big enough to shade a window. Industrial ads mostly emphasize the name of the product in the commanding copy and often in a big, bold font, and ours was no different. The artist signed off, so did the agency principals as well as colleagues, and off we went to see the client. Well, they loved it and signed off as well—this was a group of three. Final negatives and proofs were then made by a small trusted company close to us. The ad ran in TR, followed by smaller ads placed in various trade journals over several months. One day, I received a call from one of the journals who asked: “Are you and your client aware your ad is missing the ‘l’ in ‘Explosion’?”

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